“Frequently Asked Questions"

General questions
Absolutely, you must register to be able to participate in the fest.
Yes, you will have to pay a sum of Rs.1000/-(except IIT KGP students ) at the start of the fest in cash.
The online events will be held soon. So stay tuned for updates.
Deadline for the submissions of the abstracts will be announced soon. Only applicable for events in which the abstract has to be submitted beforhand.
The Kharagpur(KGP) station is connected to all major cities of the country by train.If your city does not have a direct rail route to Kharagpur, then catch a train to the City of Joy- Kolkata. KGP is situated 120 Kms off Kolkata which is well connected to all the cities of India by rail and air. Train from Kolkata to Kharagpur are available round the clock.